Jason P.

I had suffered with discomfort in my neck for years, which can be traced back to a box falling on my back and neck when I was a teenager. Over the past year the pain became unbearable. I also developed pain and numbness in my right hand, which was alarming. My doctors prescribed pain medication and eventually recommended spinal surgery as the only choice I had. Friends and family suggested chiropractic. I had become friends with Dr. Daniele through my work and he offered to help me. I felt my first visit was very thorough. Dr. Daniele showed me with the aid of computer analysis how my spine was out of alignment and pressing on my nerves. I followed his recommendations and experienced vast improvements. Over time the pain and numbness diminished, until it is now gone.

Before chiropractic I was so bad that I could no longer race motorcycles, which I love to do. Now I am back to racing, and I am almost back to 100%. I could not have chosen a wiser path than chiropractic.

– Jason P.

Paul L.

I first came to Dr. Daniele after many years of back problems that recently had gotten worse while on a trampoline. I spent hours lying on the floor with my legs up on a chair, trying to relieve my back pain. My brother had been getting adjusted for some time, so I decided to make an appointment to start corrective chiropractic care. I learned what a subluxation is and what a threat it is to a person’s health. I have benefited from preventative maintenance adjustments for many years now. I now can do a lot more than before and I take for granted that my back will not bother me.

I would recommend to anyone to make chiropractic visits a regular part of your lifestyle. It makes sense and I feel good about the long term benefits of preventative care.

– Paul L.


I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to share my extremely positive chiropractic experience. My arrival at Dr. Daniele’s office was out of desperation. I had suffered two serious concussions as the result of horseback riding accidents. I guess you could categorize jumping as a high risk activity! The consequence of these head traumas was constant dizziness, ringing in my ears, and constant and severe migraine headaches. I sought diagnosis and treatment from many “qualified” professionals, ranging from internists, ear, nose and throat specialists, even neurologists. The conclusion of all of these specialists was that drugs would solve my problems. I was very skeptical of all of the drugs that were recommended. I decided to try chiropractic – a drug-less approach.

In the space of three months, I could only describe my improved sense of wellness as miraculous! I am free of pain, and able to ride and jump again, and enjoy my life in a way I thought would never again be possible for me!

– BJ M.

The Appel Family

My husband, Dennis, started going to Daniele Chiropractic when we first moved to Old Bridge in 1995. He went to numerous chiropractors before, but found Dr. Daniele’s genuine concern for the well being of his patients to be quite refreshing. I was never a believer in chiropractic care, but after much coaxing from my husband, I decided to go in for a consultation. It was the best decision of my life! Our son DJ was seven at the time and was getting strep throat almost every two months and was constantly on antibiotics. Since going to Dr. Daniele, he hasn’t had strep since. My youngest child Dominique was seven month when she was under Dr. Daniele’s care and has never had antibiotics. In summary, my three children only see their pediatrician once a year for a well visit. Now our motto is “preventative care is the best medicine”. Thank you Dr. Daniele for helping our family achieve optimum health.

– The Appel Family

Carol and George Hesse

My wife has been suffering from back pain, arm and shoulder pain, and headaches for years. I had constant numbness in my thumbs and painfully sore wrists. We were both impressed by how thorough our initial consultation and examination were. My wife had gone to other doctors before, but no one had ever taken the time to explain what she needed to get well. We really appreciated how everything was clearly explained right out front, we knew what to expect.

Dr. Daniele’s initial recommendation was easy to follow. We waited patiently believing in our care and sure enough gradual relief and change came. It was about 3 months into our care that the numbness was gone. I’m even standing straighter. My wife has experienced the most relief. She can now just get up and go without pain. It doesn’t hurt to walk, and the first few steps from getting up have dramatically improved. There is no stiffness or pain, she even has less arm and hand pain, and her headaches have improved 100%. It really is amazing how everything in the body is controlled by the nervous system. We can’t help but tell our friends about how our health has improved! The most important advice we can tell people who are considering chiropractic care is to just give it a try and be patient. It took us 47 years to mess up our bodies and recovery will take time. It will be gradual and steady, but it will be worth it. We’ve seen great results and are looking forward to the continuous benefits of regular chiropractic care.

– Carol and George Hesse